Hey! This account is shared between 4, yes 4 smexy beasts! WE use our nicknames on here. These are not our real names just in case a psycho ex stops by.. 


^ our tumblr!!


What's up! 
I'm Tazer.
I'm 18.
Green eyes/black hair.
I'm the smart one in the group.
Also, apparently the weirdest one, although I don't go around kissing JB posters like someone I know cough*Blake*cough

Boo! Did I scare ya? No? Well, that's a shame.
I'm Emmett.
I'm the kid of our group.
I'm 16.
Brown eyes/blonde hair.

R.I.P Blake. Alive physically, not mentally... (BLAKE IS ALIVE, PEOPLE)

I'm Elmo! NO! Not Elmo, the stalker puppet with red fur and creepy ass bug eyes.
I'm 18.
Black hair/blue eyes.
I'm the most random one of us all.
Skittle obsessed.


Don't worry, we don't bite...hard. Just kidding, guys..and girls. We won't bite you...unless you're a bitch, then we will bite yo ass off *innocent smile*

But other than that, talk to us? We are pretty friendly dudes.

Ask us whatever you want. We will answer honestly, but it might take a while if we're not online.

All of us are street dancers; swimmers; WSR (Wild.Single.Rebel), footballers; Elmo and Tazer are gemo (goth+emo); and we are all a bunch of random guys so don't get freaked out if we start talking about unicorns.

We are all pretty random, but Elmo is the most random. Also, don't call him the Elmo from Sesame Street. The rest of us learnt that the hard way.....

Anyway, PM us if you want it private, then put one of our names or something up so we won't look.

We listen to your shit and actually care so unload your shit on us if you want.

We are flirty ;).

So we will add to this or one of us will some point.

Thank you for reading this :D.
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Random facts on us and extras...

Random facts on us and extras...

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Book Of Lyrics'.

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u ppl r sooo kewl. skittles r yummy and so is u. and pizza. wats pm mean? the monsters don't live under the bed they live in your head. I like pizza. did I mention my obsession for pizza? got cats..? I got seven. how bout dat anime. color red? pizza? so is how and what for if they because they will although. if will don't, shall they not or so not to be.
reading through your bio then had a small spazz attack when i read what music you like...bruh(s) we are soulmates n stuff xD also i am a unicorn. it says so on my bio so it must be tru af
do you guys play video games?
dear mr.Blake ,
                        Maybe i  can  help you  get  threw  what  ever  you  are going threw   right now :) , i know you  dont know me but you  can  trust me  because i  dont lie  when i  say i  have scares  too <3 
                                                Love, Annmarie Dawn