Hey stalkerss!! hehe kidding :P -Well where should I start? 
HeRe ArE rAnDOm FaCtS!!!
*If theres one thing about me, its that i use so many emotions whenever i type :D   :)   xD
*Ii love reading and writing (obviously * duhh moment* -____________-)
 *I love all types of music except rock.. metal etc
*I am forever on the phone to my friends (You know who you are Loool)

-Personality wise
i can talk on forever :D
i'm really shy when meeting people but once you get to know me i'm LOUD :)
I am also one of those people who get straight to the point as well.
LOVE animals!!
i can be sensitive, really guliable, and 
I'm crazy!! most of the time at home...:D
i can feel really guilty quite easily...

YOLO- you<3only<3live<3once<3
" i can be your best friend or worst enemy " :P

......andd i think you've had enough reading about me !! PM me if you need to talk... i'm all ears xD
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    anywhere....(so you better watch out!!)
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