Well... I love reading stories and writing stories. i just joined Wattpad on the 1 April 2012 and I uploaded my story. Its called Dreams and Disaster's. If you are reading this than PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go and check the book out

Some random facts about me:
-I loveeeeeee Wentworth Miller
-I love music
-My favourite band is TOKIO HOTELLLLLL!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 I love them soooooo much and if you know who Tokio Hotel is than you are AWESOME!!
-My favourite T.V show is Prison Break. I loooooove Wentworth Miller (Note my DP)
-I love watching Anime. My favorite Anime's are: DeathNote, Full Metal Alchemist and Avatar The legend of Aang
-I like Rock, Alternative rock, Rap and country music. Those are my favourite Genres.
-My favourite book is the hunger Games, (The movie was great!) My cousin says I always do my hair like Katniss because I am trying to be like her :p
-Im 14 Years old
-I am officially addicted to Wattpad
-I am from England
-I uploaded a book called Dreams and Disasters
-I love anyone that reads my books
-My punctuation is terribly terrible, I keep getting told off in the comments about it so remember that when you are reading my books
-I love love love art and I love drawing
-Some of the bands I listen to are: TOKIO HOTEL- (Im and Alien), All time low, Rise Against, Linkin Park, 30 seconds to mars, The Offsprings... And i like rappers like Lowkey, Immortal Technique and Eminem
-Mezz Khan XD

A great book provides escapism for me. The artistry and the creativity in a story are better than any drugs.
Wentworth Miller
"Have a little faith..."
Michael Scofield
? Single
? Taken
- In a relationship with Wentworth Miller
At the moment m aim is for 3000 reads and 700 votes so If you help by reading my story and promoting I will be very grateful :]

I think thats all you need to know about me, if I remember anything else I'll write it down! =D
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Description: A tripping tale of a young Girl who embarks upon layers of trouble in a struggle to find herself in time to solve the mysterious case of her Cousin. On top of this, she has to put up with the abnormal dreams shes been getting at night. Will she be...

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