Hi. Call me flute. :) I decided to try out wattpad since inkpop got shut down (to all of those that knew me on inkpop, HIIIII!!!!!!!). I am a total band nerd (as if my username didn't make that obvious enough). 

My favorite genres: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romance (as long as it also includes one of the other genres)

I generally write in the genres I read. :P Currently I'm working on a Fan Fiction, though, so if you love the Hunger Games, you should check it out. :) I'm also toying around with a sci-fi, but I don't know if/when it'll be up. 

I am a grammar nazi. Like, I see a typo, and my brain has a spaz attack. :P I've learned that I don't make a very good editor, but if you want me to look at something, again, I'm a grammar nazi. :) 

On the covers of all of my books, I have the author as "fluteplayer" instead of "fluteplayerXD". fluteplayer was my username on inkpop, and is still my username on figment, so it's become a habit. The only reason it's not fluteplayer here is because that was already taken. :( 

The other book I have uploade, Marching in the Dark, is based a lot on myself. Most of the events of the book (namely, the blindness) are not true, but all of the characters are real people. Melody (the MC) is, of course, me. Just thought you may like to know that. :P

My profile picture is part of the cover of my NaNoWriMo2011 book. I haven't gotten around to uploading it here, nor do I know when/if I will, but if it in any way interests you, feel free to let me know. It'll probably make me get around to uploading it faster. :P
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Dreaming of Dragons

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Description: Dreah lives in a secluded village plagued with some real pests: dragons. Dreah grew up hating and fearing them, but that may change when she meets Calem, the village Chief's son, who seems to have taken an interest in the dragons… And a very dange...

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I generally don't add POCs simply because my casts of characters are generally so small.... Though to be honest, most of the time side character descriptions are so vague that technically they could be interpreted that way. And I've never really tried the LGBT thing, not because I have any problem with it but, again, small casts of characters. The disabled thing, however, I have down. I've had a blind person (twice), a crazy (in the confused way) person, a person that had to walk with crutches (because of a serious permanent injury), a person with epilepsy, and a person with severe panic attacks. So I think I've managed to hit all ends of the spectrum on that one. Do you think that makes up for the lack of LGBT and POCs? :P