HEY YOU, YES YOU The person reading this! Hello. You're beautiful and I love you :)

My name is Kysha {key-sha}
NO! Most of the time, That will not be me in my profile picture.
I DO NOT BELIEVE IN LABELS( You are the way you are)

@MartinBroduh is my boo bear of a best friend ;)

Music I listen to:
The Color morale
Man Overboard
Neck Deep
The Amity Affliction
Motionless In White <3
Suicide Silence <3
A Day To Remember <3
The story so far
Pierce The Veil <3
Bless The Fall!! <3
Breathe Carolina! <3
Memphis May Fire <3
D.R.U.G.S <3
Woe Is Me
..... and a lot more
Writing is my life, it's my passion :)
Hm, I guess that's it so bye. Have a nice day, I hope everything turns out great for you.
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I'll make you beg [BoyXBoy]

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Description: Bellador Alexander is exotic, he's sexy, he's cocky and he's spicy! He is also gay. The biggest gay player in the town of New Cyde. The boys fall at his feet begging to be his new toy. The girls beg for him to be straight even for a minute. They wor...

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His Beautiful Mind [BoyXBoy]

His Beautiful Mind [BoyXBoy]

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"That perfect angel, he’s everything that I’m not. He’s my open escape. He can’t help that he floats on...

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Bellador & Skylar!

Bellador & Skylar!

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Rise Above BoyXboy

Rise Above BoyXboy

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Sam Maximum just admitted to his two best friends Dylan and Blue that he is gay. They are fine with it e...

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My Soul To Take [BoyXBoy]

My Soul To Take [BoyXBoy]

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If Zayden Vain asked for your soul would you give it to him? No? What if he stared at you with big bea...

you have to update his beautiful mind!! we all need to know whats going to happen. you havent updated it in so long im scared you're just going to leave us empty handed..
I absolutely loved the ill make you beg series. I got so lost in the series that im not so sure what to do now that its over.. great stories though!! cant wait to read some of your other stuff
CoNsTrIcToR- posted a message to colorfuldays
I don't want to intrude on your style here, your amazing at what cha do but I have a small request... Maybe you should try making a [GirlXGirl] book? 
I don't really post messages on people's profile but I just had to. You my friend have kept me up till past 2 in the morning trying to finish "I'll Make You Beg".  I seriously ship Beli and Skylar way too hard. 
      That's all. Good Night. ✌✌✌✌