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I'm here for the stories - I'm a reader, not an author. I've always loved to read, but I will admit I'm a bit anal about grammar - blame my parents and my English teachers. I won't make grammatical comments to authors per se, but below are some helpful hints regarding proper grammar.

1. Spell check is a wonderful tool for proofreading one's work.
2. If you're uncertain as to the proper spelling of a word, look it up. is a handy site.
3. Please learn the difference between the following words:

their - a form of the possessive case of they  used as an attributive adjective, before a noun: their home; their rights as citizens; their departure for Rome.

there - in or at that place (opposed to here): She is there now; at that point in an action, speech, etc.: He stopped there for applause; in that matter, particular, or respect: His anger was justified there; into or to that place; thither: We went there last year; (used by way of calling attention to something or someone): There they go.

they're - a contraction of "they are" - not to be confused with their or there

affect - verb (used with object) to act on; produce an effect or change in: Cold weather affected the crops; 
to impress the mind or move the feelings of: The music affected him deeply.

effect - noun: something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence: Exposure to the sun had the effect of toughening his skin; power to produce results; efficacy; force; validity; influence: His protest had no effect.

accept - verb (used with object) to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor: to accept a present; to accept a proposal; to agree or consent to; accede to: to accept a treaty; to accept an apology; to respond or answer affirmatively to: to accept an invitation.

except - preposition: with the exclusion of; excluding; save; but: They were all there except me.

Bonus: "a lot", not "alot"; not to be confused with "allot".
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Great start....I hope there will be more! :)
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@SkeneKidz The Benji/Greyson thing made me think of "The Sound and the Fury". Perhaps I'll have to start calling you Ms. Faulkner. ;)
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Good story. Interesting as a standalone, but definitely lots of possibilities for something more. :-)
Book of One Shots

I'm glad to see my suspicion about Alek and Dimitri was confirmed (or so it would seem).
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I have to laugh.....I didn't proofread my own post well enough. My post below should have said, "....ask for most often is to have me point...
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