meow :3
      Howdy! My name is Tempo. Peculiar name, yes I am aware. 
      Some thoughts and facts off the top of my head:
      Biking is my escape.
      My favorite word is phenomenon. I always incorporate llama into it and start to laugh like crazy. 
      Good grammar is sexy. ;)
      I'm a libra.
      I find Rick Genest extremely attractive... 
      Cassandra Clare is my inspiration to write, as are my two cats. My goal in life is to read everything she's ever written because she is fabulous.
      I plan to become a nurse after high school. *cross my fingers*
      Top Songs: She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert, A Wall - Bat For Lashes, If Yr Not - Ani Difranco, A Dustland Fairytale - the Killers, the Hell Song - Sum 41, Pala Tute - Gogol Bordello.
      Top artists who I could listen to anything by them: Halestorm, Pink, The Hoosiers, J Mascls, The Killers, Mary Lambert, Regina Spektor, The Vaccines, System of A Down, etcetera...
      I reached seventeen years of living so far. Winning!
      I love bad jokes and puns.
      How do you organize a space party? – You Planet ;)
      Stars are just opening in heaven, where the love of our lost ones, shine down to let us know they are with us. - unknown
      Inspiration - The reason people give up so fast, is they tend to look how far they have to go, instead of how far they have gotten. 
      Do one thing, everyday, that scares you -Eleanor Roosevelt
      Thanks! :]
      meow :3
      P.S. Each of my werewolf stories stand alone. How the werewolves communicate, function, and run their business is different in each story. Just an friendly FYI so not to be confused.
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