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My name is Jessica.
But I would prefer to be called,"Jessie Gore."
I'm 5'6 height-wise
I'm a cupcake addict.
I have a low self-esteem :p
I'm straight like a ruler 
Add me on Xbox bro, my GT is - Jess Says Rawr (I know it's lame, but I'm too lazy to change it -__-)
Even though I have brown hair I have aloooot of blond moments lol
I'm very cheesy. 
Did you know that once penguins meet their "mate" or love they stay together forever?
Will you be my penguin ? 
 @xxGabbyRawrsYouxx is my bffl. I don't know what I would be without her (:
 @Rawr1996 is my Dinosaur. I rawr her <3
 @Xxluvsblink182xX I trust her with my life.
 @Living_My_Life_4Sure Perri is one of my closest friends and she is insane, and when she makes tails in Drama class it makes my day haha.
 @greenstripedturtle21 Gwenn is a really good friend. She's great to talk to and has an awesome taste of music. And we are the ones that declared that all hot guys are gay!

I had a unicorn named Phil, but he died of Rainbow cancer </3
I love cuddeling.
I give free hugs.
I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me you'll love me (:
Oh, and I'm 15 by the way.


Attack! Attack! and Attack Attack! (Yea I freaked out too when I found out there was two, too :o)
Pierce the Veil
Bring me the Horizon
Asking Alexandria
The used
Kingdom of Giants
Mothionless in White
A day to Remember
Scary kids Scaring kids
Shoot the Girl First
Sleeping with Sirens

"I've told you once." By Woe is Me

Soooo, as you can see I'm your average typical teenage girl. And I'm I'm unique and probaly the most awesomest person you will ever meet. Oh, and I'm trying to brag or anything, but I color outside of the lines ;o I'm such a rebel.

And that's about it guys (: Don't be afraid to talk to me, I won''t bite -- hard.


Mirror, mirror.

Mirror, mirror.

1 page, updated Jul 25, 2013
14 reads votes 0 comments 0
Cut loose.

Cut loose.

1 page, updated May 19, 2013PG-13
I don't know what to do anymore.
21 reads votes 0 comments 0


1 page, updated Apr 26, 2013
A green monster is in one of us, breaking us down and questioning the one that we love.
13 reads votes 0 comments 0
Heavy burdens with lipstick lullabies.

Heavy burdens with lipstick lullabies.

1 page, updated Apr 13, 2013
I'm not gonna drown beneath these heavy burdens.
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1 page, updated Apr 12, 2013
Did you have a broken heart? Forget your ex, he's not worth it. Just recover.
20 reads votes 0 comments 0


1 page, updated Jul 20, 2012G
22 reads votes 1 comments 0
The Hand I hold onto.

The Hand I hold onto.

1 page, updated May 15, 2012PG
85 reads votes 10 comments 4
The Man of Death.

The Man of Death.

1 page, updated May 09, 2012PG
169 reads votes 14 comments 11
My inner thoughts spilled out to you.

My inner thoughts spilled out to you.

1 page, updated May 04, 2012PG
115 reads votes 19 comments 17
My story written out in poetry.

My story written out in poetry.

8 parts / 2 pages, updated May 04, 2012PGCompleted
This is my story for the past 5 years. It's written out in words, and is given to you. But don't worry about me and don't over exxagerate by what you read, ... read more
665 reads votes 70 comments 54

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This is an amazing Poem. I absolutly love it. You have great talent in writing. It is filled with emotion and flows nicely. Screw them bullies and...
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I loved it. I noticed the rhyme and it flows really well. It's decriptive and well worded. Keep writing
Haunted by the Past

I really enjoyed this, it flows really well and is worded great. I also love the repitiion it mkes the poem much stronger

I enjoyed this poem, but it seems short. Other than that it flows really well and I can see the deeper meaning of it. Good job.
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