Status: so busy imm sure ill never write a story i deleted it and told my friend she could use the idea (2 years ago)


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HI !!!!!!!!! :p     Guess what I fan back       everybody !!!!!! :D  

Well u want to no some stuff about me i like any type of rainbow candy ;3 if it tastes good hehe like m&m's, smarties, gummy bears, gummy worms, skittles :D 
I love to read i love animals my best friend is my kitty cat = ^.^= 
I do randomly start singing ! oh ya and my camera is with me everywear got to capture each moment right ;) 
Oh and I love music just LOVE IT !!!! BVB is AMAZING!! 
ummmmm what ells i love painting !!!!!!!! and ok I love u to ;} <333 xoxoxo
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Aced My Heart (Completed&Under Editing)

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Ok I finished this chapter now and it's really good I want to go read the next chapter now I'm still so sad she had to cut her hair
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Ok I am not yet done reading this chapter I will get back to it in a sec I just really wanted to say why did she have to cut er hair why couldnt...
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So interesting amust
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Who is this masked man ..?? Dun dun dun ...!!
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