Hey. My cuz rec'd this shithole, so here I am.

Vivien's the name, and FUKK YEAH, that's my fukking name.
I play football, I swim, I read, I love Mac and Cheese...

As you asses out there can see, I cuss alot. No offense, wuss.

Thats me in the pic and background. Stop asking.

@Elysea my bitch. Fukk off.
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daftduck posted a message to Vi_kissme
heyy! nah I've just been dabbling with ideas so nothing up on here. pleasant surprise seeing you pop up in my mail hahah..pm-ing you (:

Lol. Things I love about this:
      I love how it this opens with a reference to Evan's childhood and Susan's hilarious rant about the appropriate response for children to have to the dark. Genius.
      "Is this healthy? Is it… you know… detrimental to his posture if he sleeps on the floor under his bed? Is he going to grow up to be one of those people who can’t go outside or be in public? Is it possible to suffocate inside a dryer?"
      "But it was pointless; there were so many other things, two-sided things, arguments and passions and voices of reason that warred within the confines of his far-past-the-point-of-exhausted mind, and at this moment they were tearing him in two. Still."
      I love that. Especially 'two-sided things' for some reason. It's just... captivating. I also love my tented beams, but then you already know that.
      I love the childish prodding of 'You're bluffing' and how it culminates in the 'You're right.'
      "The diamond on his finger was not unlike these simple chunks of glass, no more or less impressive to him than the destruction at his feet. It sparkled exactly the same."
      Fukking SPLENDID.
      Dude, you really outdid yourself there. Looking forward to the next chap!