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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  ~Anaïs Nin
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                I made my way back to Jamie’s room and tried not to look around too much. There were pictures of the Levine family –parents included –everywhere. My dad only kept one family portrait...
Every time you cut me deep, oh great author. Why do you do this?

                “Anytime,” Jamie nodded back, “Obviously. It’s been good to have you guys around again. Not that I wanted any of these circumstances to happen, but like…” He stopped. “Okay, well. See...
Not even a single letter brah. *Brandish chest adorned with an unfortunately spelt tattoo* NO RAGRETS.

I smiled, hooking our fingers together and shaking them.  “Pinky promise.”
Take it anymore, phew! I thought I was a goner then! Seriously, I love this book, it has a great storyline, excellent pacing, it's well written. And it has characters you just fall in love with. I've read it almost ten times now. I LOVE THIS BOOK MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE. CAN IT BE AN ANIME I CAN WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN PLEASE?