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Hey everybody!  If your reading this then thanks for looking cus well I'm not really sure why someone would want to look at one of these things.

So I own a haunted house
I will read just about anything that's not non-fiction
I live in the middle of no where supported by the fact that the only internet we can get besides hughs net is dial up
I like to read a lot both on and off Wattpad
I hate English classes
I like to write, cus it makes the voices stop
Finally I am always up for a good laugh, even at my self


A Huge Misunderstanding

A Huge Misunderstanding

1 page, updated Aug 02, 2012
Well I'll admit, I got bored and asked Onceadaydreamer to give me a random sentence this is what came out of it. More to come so hope you guys like it
32 reads votes 1 comments 4
The Game of Two

The Game of Two

21 parts / 33 pages, updated Jul 17, 2012
17 year old Terpetra Falloak from district 7 and 16 year old Diless Singoak from district 12 are both chosen for the 42nd Hunger Games. Their lives are destined cross by... read more
1,363 reads votes 27 comments 1
MBO (Magical Balances Organization)

MBO (Magical Balances Organization)

10 parts / 18 pages, updated Jun 18, 2012
When an 18 year old boy wakes up in a dark elevator and cant remember who he is it should have been a sure sign of trouble. The building he is in is a sp... read more
388 reads votes 7 comments 18
The 100th Hunger Games Challenge

The 100th Hunger Games Challenge

6 pages, updated Mar 05, 2012Completed
107 reads votes 5 comments 5
The Fires of Rebellion: Back to the Beginning

The Fires of Rebellion: Back to the Beginning

4 pages, updated Jan 22, 2012
America’s economy is in shambles. The top five percent of the population, consisting of major cooperation owners and politicians, owns all the ... read more
66 reads votes 1 comments 5
The Story of Ramzly Dang

The Story of Ramzly Dang

15 parts / 23 pages, updated Jan 17, 2012
Ramzly Dang a 16 year old boy who lives in the small villiage of Ciltoff on the planet Tallia, finds his life radicaly changed because of a man named Vaxul, a demo... read more
657 reads votes 11 comments 43
What I Think About Sometimes

What I Think About Sometimes

4 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 14, 2011
A random collection of Poems
92 reads votes 1 comments 2
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Once Upon A Prince
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I like the revision so far amd having read it last tine it fun seeing all the ways things conect
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might want to back off on the romance stories for now
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