Hey, y'all, just a little note; go check out my friend @MusicalAddict. She is an awesome writer; you should definitely read her Secret of the Sword trilogy!

Insanity is highly relative. 

Hi, I'm Light's Shadow Child and I want to be your new best friend! Not really but who cares? Anyway, no, that is not my real name but it is pretty cool If I do say so myself (and I do!). Moving on, I am eighteen and love writing and expressing myself through my characters. I am incredibly artistic if I do say so myself (and again, I do). I can appreciate contructive criticism and am also a firm believer in the old phrase, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I hope ya'll lively and lovely readers will hold to that idea as well when dealing with my stories.

And yes, I am a southern child with a VERY thick accent if I get irritated. However, if I so choose, I can switch to several other accents, including Irish and British. But Southern is my fall-back. Just a nice little random tidbit for ya'll.

I have an addiction to books! It is extremely difficult for me to go into a bookstore without getting at least one book. Truely sad. Oh well, I love it anyway! Cookies if you agree with me! (Snickerdoodles are my specialty; if you don't know what they are, just ask me!)

Anyway, please feel free to investigate my stuff with your marvelously inquisitive minds. Ya'll know ya want to!
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Damsel? I Think Not!

Social data: 53.4K reads. 1.5K votes. 249 comments.

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