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I am 
I Love
*Ice cream (ben and jerrys is my life)

I am 100000000% Badass(I've got 2scars on my eyes yh bro I'm well badass)
I am 100000000% Sexy(I I'm not....seriously)

Qoute I live by

"Lifes to short to wait around and waste, get off ur backside and do something!!!" ;))))

------------------------- NOT THE END----------------

I am obsessed with scary movies
Doing my nails and stalking R.W!!!MWUAHHHH(cough...) hahahhahah I'm evil and I know it!!!!

Love me hate me you still read about me!!!!!!!!!
Oh and Don't like me sit on the bench with the rest of the bitches waiting for me 2 give a fuckkk!!!!(DRAKE)
I love those who love me and hate those who hate Ma familyyyy!!!! I am actually really lovable and sweet (I THINK) but I have a bad streak!!!!

Love u 

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The Bad Boy's Girl