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I Eat The Three Main Food Groups; Frozen, Packaged, And Fast.  

i love playing sports, but i never join teams.

Books are the world to me! Next to my family or course. I love to talk, and learn new things. 

 Random facts:
-im scared of Obese people. (dont ask)
-i either have my blackerry, a book or a pizza slice in my hand,
-i suck at math,
-i love rings. i would wear like 2 on each finger.
- im a tv fanatic!
-im a bookworm, i get so depressed if i cant go to the library.  
I've had a Wattpad account for a while, but i never wrote any stories so now i am! I've read great stories here and now its my turn to write some! enjoy the ones below :)

Normal sucks. whatever the hell that is. i prefer the term preternatural.

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Barney vs The Listers

Barney vs The Listers

38 parts / 100 pages, updated Oct 14, 2013PG-13Video
When rumors start flowing about a group of boys called the Listers had made their selection for who is next to be written in the Book Of Honors, everybody starts talk... read more
9,951 reads votes 232 comments 169


1 page, updated Mar 15, 2012G
152 reads votes 10 comments 16
Confessions of my hijab, Its my beauty.

Confessions of my hijab, Its my beauty.

1 page, updated Jan 07, 2012G
i wrote this poem so people could love and embrace there identity instead of hiding away, No regrets, just love. i hope you enjoyed it!
1,063 reads votes 41 comments 37
confessions of a Teenager.

confessions of a Teenager.

1 page, updated Jan 05, 2012G
read on! a little something i decided to write. its what i see around me. I'd like to hear what you think!
198 reads votes 13 comments 18

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