"But this is your heart - can you feel it? Can you feel it?" - Falling (Ft. Ralph of to Kill a King) by Bastille

"I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself." - The Agony of Being Other People by Iain S. Thomas


Stories I'm writing curently:
Falling In Love with my Enemys Brother,
The Bandits Girl
When One Player Meets Another
The Aces
North of Nowhere

Stories on Hold:
Excuse Me Mr. Demon, Are You Sure This Is Heaven Because It Feels More Like Hell
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The Aces

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Description: Jane McCall is good at running away from her problems. Ever since she was little when something hurts her she does her best to cut it out of her life - so when her best friends since childhood betray her she does what she does best and moves 45 minu...

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North of Nowhere

North of Nowhere

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Mayallyn 'Maya' Crover has had a rough few months - her dad died, her mom thinks she's crazy and she's b...

Uh, Excuse Me? Mr. Demon? Are You Sure This Is HEAVEN? 'Cause It Feels More Like HELL. (Group)
The Bandits Girl

The Bandits Girl

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Faerie_Writer Poetry

Faerie_Writer Poetry

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