"Welcome to my world of make believe. Check your reality at the door."
-'I'd Be Yours' by Ilse DeLange

"Life is good today. Tomorrow hasn't hapened yet. Yesturday is gone. So its only today that matters"

Titans is my flagship story. If you want to read it here is the link to the first book. Enjoy and please comment and vote. 

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About me?
Just an author trying to get some feedback on his stories.      
What else do you want to know?     

Books I would recommend:
Anything by
       Great story called "The Protectors" She also writes amazing poems 
     Great story writer. If you havent already (or if you want to again) check out The Theif's Revenge. Hooks you "write" in and doesn't let you go. Great writer
    GREAT WRITER. If you havent already, heck, dont finish reading my about me page. Go read King of Hearts! amazing (vampire and werewolf free) story. Why are you still reading this? If your reading this, you should be reading King of Hearts...now go!.
       Great writer. Great stories. What more could you want? (Also has great jokes on her profile page)

Keep on writing everyone
Thank you for all your support!
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