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I like to write fantasy with action and adventure thrown in.  I'm basically interested in all genres though. (whether it's for reading or writing) :)

I'm currently an engineering student majoring in biomedical engineering. I love chocolate,  ice cream, and dogs. 

My updates may take a while,  so I apologize for any delay.  Take heart in the fact that I will definitely get the story up as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience! :)

I'm usually ready to chat (unless classes are especially annoying) so don't be afraid to message. :)

If you're interested, here are some of my favorite things. 


MANGA/ANIME: Sket Dance (the best!), Bakuman, Kindaichi Case Files, Detective Conan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Ranma 1/2, Death Note, Baka to Test, Shingeki no Kyojin, Gintama, Seiyuu-ka, Kuroko no Basuke, Prince of Tennis, Hataraku Maou-sama, Gakuen Babysitters, Silver Spoon

BOOKS/AUTHORS:  A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Tamora Pierce, Jeffrey Archer, Micahel Crichton, Suzanne Collins, Agatha Christie, Runemarks, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, The Warrior Heir series, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Meg Cabot, Moon Crash Trilogy, The Book Thief, The Looking Glass Wars, Scott Westerfeld, Ella Enchanted, Holly Black, Graceling, Freak the Mighty

TV SHOWS: Master Chef, Wipeout, America's Funniest Home Videos, NCIS: Los Angeles, Agents of SHIELD, House, Arrow


The Hero

The Hero

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014
What happens after the good guy loses? The kingdom remains in the hands of its previous tyrant, never to believe in freedom again. But, what if the hero wins? Would he take the ... read more
25 reads votes 3 comments 9
The Green Rebellion preview

The Green Rebellion preview

3 pages, updated Nov 07, 2013PGCompleted
The goblins serve the faeries, but it was not always like this. A century ago, the goblins and faeries lived in their own lands. The faeries with their plants,... read more
42 reads votes 3 comments 4
Steal A Moment

Steal A Moment

22 parts / 64 pages, updated May 23, 2013PG-13Completed
Marzia's spent the last four years stealing from the richer people in her town in an attempt to keep her mother and herself afloat. She's better at this than the average cr... read more
2,474 reads votes 156 comments 245
Frost Academy preview

Frost Academy preview

1 page, updated May 05, 2013PGCompleted
Frost Academy: where boys become men. Maia infiltrates an all boys school to search for her friend's brother. When she enters Frost Academy, she realizes that it's ... read more
69 reads votes 3 comments 4
An Unexpected Serving

An Unexpected Serving

6 parts / 15 pages, updated Mar 08, 2013PG-13Completed
Melanie Fox is a waitress. Although others praise her competence, she doesn't believe them because in her experience, she can never measure up. So when the owner of ... read more
1,935 reads votes 88 comments 110
The Confession

The Confession

2 pages, updated Jun 25, 2012PG-13Completed
A woman named Annelise and the crazy thoughts that cause her to kill her mother...
247 reads votes 12 comments 19
Dead Bored

Dead Bored

2 pages, updated Apr 07, 2012Completed
This is an entry to the Zombies Rule Contest by Rusty_Fischer. It's about a newly formed zombie girl's first day at a new high school.
66 reads votes 3 comments 4
Road of Lost Souls

Road of Lost Souls

28 parts / 99 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012PGCompleted
When Senna walks in on her friends performing a strange ritual, she gets sucked into their secret life: being envoys for Amanami, the place souls go after death. Before ... read more
3,480 reads votes 160 comments 69


5 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 15, 2012PG
My dreams...that's about it I guess. But, I must say, they're pretty if you like, and tell me some of your own dreams!!
512 reads votes 12 comments 9


1 page, updated Nov 02, 2011GCompleted
A calm day at the top of a small mountain...
81 reads votes 5 comments 7
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