Hello, My name is Kelsey
      I'm 19 :D
      I have green eyes and they sometimes change colours
      I'm mixed.
      My background is: Bajan (Barbados) African, Native, English, and CANADIAN ! :D
      I have nine siblings but I only know eight.
      I love to listen to music
      I love things that are different
      I have the weirdest imagination ever
      I'm not really a movie person but I do watch them when they seem really good.
      writing, dancing, music and friends are the only thing that makes me happy.
      I am forever putting up my walls.
      I honestly couldn't live without my phone and my laptop 
      I have fourteen piercings and one tattoo
      I also have big dreams! 
      I have a habit of swearing since I grew up around it. And if I could I would take it out of my vocabulary and only use it when necessary. 
      Well that's me if you want to know more just ask! (:
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