I'm a series of mismatched characteristics that while apart aren't so great, but put together create the unique personality that is me. 

★My favorite books are The Bronze Horseman, Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and much much more.
☆I would rather be blind than deaf because I could not live without music
★I'm a chronically lazy AP student with a so/so GPA
☆If I could I'd keep my bedroom window open every day all year long, but unfortunately it gets pretty cold
★People claim that I'm lying when I say I've never highlighted my hair
☆The best part about being seventeen is rated R movies
★I fear quite a few things, but it is my goal to conquer them so they don't hinder me.
☆I'm only 50% here, the rest of my mind is constantly dreaming
★I wish to be published some day
☆Senioritis has already kicked in and my AP classes are looking less appealing by the minute
★I work at a library
☆I'm such a Superwholockian (With a Whovian emphasis) but I also watch Weeds, Dexter, Law & Order, NCIS, and Disney movies. 
★Christmas music season goes from Halloween till New Years for me 
☆I love the smell of gasoline, sharpies, and glue. 
★My favorite sandwich is strawberry jelly and extra crunchy peanut butter on white bread
☆I take way too many photographs
★I'm starting to like winter... but the cold still sucks. Summer is da bomb.com
☆I wish I could love exercise and healthy food but I'm addicted to lazing around with junk food
★I get irritated when really tall guys go for really short girls. I mean, that leaves no guys for the tall girls like me.
☆I'm freaked out about going to college next year. Like really freaked out.
★I tend to have either a very dark or hopelessly romantic imagination. Most of the time, both. 
☆I'm a very busy girl. Therefore I'm so so so so sorry that I don't update often, but writing is a greatly cherished hobby while I still have to do other "more important" things, like homework and work.
★I hope you enjoy what I write :)
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Description: ❝ Not all blessings result in perfection, just like not all disasters end in destruction.❞

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