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Its ok to be a little broken ♥
You just have to remember to piece yourself back together again in the end ♥
And I suppose in all the time I spent wandering, 
Looking for a place to nail my feet to and call even ground, 
You became what I was looking for. 
You became my home,
You became my sole reason for breathing, 
You were burnt like acid into my skin,
So that every part of your body seeped through my veins.
And I don't care how much it hurts,
Because in spite of all the pain,
I seemed to find happiness in the colors of your eyes.




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Needing to Breathe

Needing to Breathe

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Forget me...please... I'm nothing but a distant memory, Close your eyes and I'll be gone, I'll go to a place where I belong.
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hehe yay :3
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and I know you got the scenery from downtown Raleigh! :P the giant nut lol
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omfg you should do one from trents point of view ;)
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This story is literally tearinf apart my drarry feels ;-; "You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness..."_Gotye
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