Hello, My name is Amy. I am a 15 year old who enjoys writing stories and comes from England. My main interests are my guitar, and my Xbox.. I also love writing stories. On Xbox my favourite games are; Minecraft, Halo Reach, Skyrim and a little bit of Motorcross Madness which is a rather odd game. Yeah I spend a lot of my time on my xbox but I am also going to devote a lot of my time to my stories now too. I am hoping that you enjoy my stories and hopefully the more I do it the better I will get at it?? I am not so sure aha. My favourite kind of stories on Wattpad are the typical cliché 'Bad Boy' stories. If you want me to read on of your stories let me now by an inbox or a comment on my profile, one thing I ask of you is not to comment on my stories advertising your stories as many other authors would know.. It gets quite irritating, Oh also please check out this writer :) she is amazing with her stories and always gets me hooked on her stories so I am sure you guys will too --> @princessofcrime please just click on her profile and check her stories out :) they are awesome.. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading my stories and I will enjoy reading yours peaceskies guys <3
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    Chilling in KFC with ma husband Kellin Quinn Bostwick :3
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Its a 'Roomie' thing

Its a 'Roomie' thing

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when kathleen swanson moves into her new home to find that she has mixed her forms up and applied for th...

No such thing as happy endings!

No such thing as happy endings!

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If I fall, Promise you'll catch me.

If I fall, Promise you'll catch me.

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My favourite place is in your heart.... i think

My favourite place is in your heart.... i think

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Sometimes...... Just sometimes, I think about what my life would be like without all these disorders, wh...

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