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hello :) my name is Amy and i am 14/15 years old. i live in leicester, england which is really nice kinda. anyway, i love writing stories and reading them, ummmmmmmmmmmm this is awkward im trying not to put on my normal weird self but be more normal? anyway so i love computor games especially halo which is my favourite. i never judge people. literally i generally get along with everyone and yeah. i am happy to read your stories and vote for them if im in a good mood. i generally am a happy person anyway. its great haha, i am currently married to Kellin Quinn Bostwick the lead singer of sleeping with sirens. Which makes me Mrs Amy Bostwick. I have a daughter with him and we called her copeland :3 such a beautiful girl she is. anywayyyyy my birthday is february 21st and i have an obssesion with mustaches and scotland. which are both equally great, ummmmmmmmmm I JUST WANT FRIENDS !!!! :'( haha just messing i have alot of friends -feeling all loved and all- OH which reminds me. because you all love me and all read this one story for me. it isnt my story its one of my bestfriends stories. @princessofcrime just click on her profile and read her story you will love it she is amaziiiiinngg like no jokes she is amazing i love her stories. lave it haha so yeahh anyywayyy im going to go so if you want to talk inbox me. check my stories out and yeahhhhh im going have a great day/night PEACE OUT PEEEEEEPPPS :3 still normal right? anyhoo cya


You are the best thing that's ever been mine

You are the best thing that's ever been mine

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Dec 12, 2013G
20 reads votes 0 comments 0
Its a 'Roomie' thing

Its a 'Roomie' thing

10 parts / 18 pages, updated Dec 09, 2013G
when kathleen swanson moves into her new home to find that she has mixed her forms up and applied for the wrong room she gets really annoyed. it turns out she did... read more
405 reads votes 9 comments 4
No such thing as happy endings!

No such thing as happy endings!

1 page, updated Nov 22, 2013G
7 reads votes 0 comments 0
If I fall, Promise you'll catch me.

If I fall, Promise you'll catch me.

1 page, updated Nov 04, 2013G
“What’s your problem?” he hissed. “What’s my problem?! You! You burnt my bloody house down! That’s my problem!” I screeched. Delanci Brown, a 16 year o... read more
1 read votes 0 comments 0
My favourite place is in your heart.... i think

My favourite place is in your heart.... i think

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Oct 23, 2013G
Sometimes...... Just sometimes, I think about what my life would be like without all these disorders, what it would be like to be pretty and po... read more
19 reads votes 0 comments 0
Reuniting with my soul mate x

Reuniting with my soul mate x

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 21, 2013G
Some people lose their love and then find it. some people let go of people but then look for them. chloe beal, after getting into a huge incident, realized t... read more
77 reads votes 0 comments 1
It's true what they say 'opposites do attract'

It's true what they say 'opposites do attract'

11 parts / 29 pages, updated May 30, 2013PG-13Completed
*THE AGE RATING HAS BEEN MESSING ABOUT AGE RATE IS ONLY PG* chloe beal is a 16 year old who enjoys hanging with her friends she is br... read more
844 reads votes 2 comments 1
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Reuniting with my soul mate x

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