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Am I supposed to tell personal things about me to total strangers? Hmm sounds fun.

First of all, music is my life, my drug and my air. I play the guitar, the piano and I'm learning to play the drums. I can't stand a day without listening to music, I'd die.

Coffee is my second drug, it keeps me active when I need it.

And no, my username has nothing to do with that Batman movie so don't even start. 

I write poetry but I won't post anything here until I feel like doing it.


Death Flowers Bloom /Poem/

Death Flowers Bloom /Poem/

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This is beautiful, thanks for the dedication.
A Crow's Call

@xXSkatermonkeyXx I'm addicted. I admitted it long time ago. Buaah! You don't share? That's too bad.
Death Flowers Bloom /Poem/

@xXSkatermonkeyXx I love coffee. Give me some, share with your bro :D
Death Flowers Bloom /Poem/

@xXSkatermonkeyXx haha no problem ;)
Death Flowers Bloom /Poem/