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Name Mystery Rai :)
Location With My Kylar ♥
Birthday May 02
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Hey Guys and Gals, :)
It's me Mystery Rai :D

I'm silly and shy, goofy and a totally  random person. yupp that's me(:
I'm brunette, and I have green eyes :)

I have the best friend in the whole wide world and I couldn't find a better one. 
Her name is Ceri Rae (Cerii_Chaos). 

She's totally amazing and almost exactly lykk me except she's blonde. O.o
I'm dating the coolest and the most amazing guy ever. Kylar Elliot ♥
He's lykk my own personal Jake except he's not a major word and he's not my bros best friend.

Well he's Kenneth's best friend, who's dating Ceri, who's lykk my sister. So what does that mean? O.o
Kenneth Andrew~Boy you drive me nuts but I will always love you in the non-Mushie way :D

I love my boys... Until they bug mehh and I want to kill them... :D They don't lykk me then :D
Both of the boys are footballers :D I love going to the games to watch them :D
Footballers are hott. Gotta Love Them. Except when they get hurt... Then I freak... Not pretty! :(

Hollywood Undead is my favorite band! :D
I love the color blue && purple.
Black and a neon blue make the best combo.
I'm in love with Kylar's Car. Ima steal it. 

Cerii and I have made a joint account...
because we wanted to write a story about ourselves and our boys.. :D
Mystic_Chaos check us out. :D

Check out my website... It's a little... yeah but please I'll love you forever. :D
I truly am a nice and friendly person so don't be afraid to talk to me! I love talking! :D

I hate editing my stories. I hate it with a passion. I don't do it. If you have read my junk you know this. 
I don't have a problem reading you stuffs but it takes me forever to get to them... I'm a lazy person. 

I love playing with pictures && taking pics :D 
 My junk is copyrighted people so don't think about stealing. I'm a mean mo-fo :D


He's A Player, He's Beautiful, He Loves Me, And He's My Brother's Best Friend.

He's A Player, He's Beautiful, He Loves Me, And He's My Brother's Best Friend.

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The Girl Who Learned To Love The Badass

The Girl Who Learned To Love The Badass

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Tha Junk I Write Called Poetry! :D

Tha Junk I Write Called Poetry! :D

5 parts / 1 page, updated Dec 20, 2010PG-13PicturesCompleted
Mi Poetry! :D
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I fell in love with a Musician, to bad I'm underage. *OnHold*

I fell in love with a Musician, to bad I'm underage. *OnHold*

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What happens when you being a band to your club for your boyfriend. But what happens when that boyfriend does the unspeakable and you tu... read more
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Bring Me Back Home
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A Man Can Change - A...
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The Fire Princess
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The Ex Best Friend
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ahhhhhhhhhhh! ♥
Seducing Daddy [NOT UPDATING]

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