Uh. So hey! It's been 4 years. Hi. 

I'm gonna finish my dropped story. Promise. You have permission to kill me if I don't. Yes you. So yeah! Gonna finish that.

Hoping to find some friends on this site and maybe get some people to read my stuff! Sound good? Cool.

I'm out! Stay safe my friends and people I don't know.
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Forgotten Future (sonic fan fic)

Social data: 6.7K reads. 162 votes. 118 comments.

Description: After the story of Sonic '06. Blaze and Silver are the only people that forgot the adventure, and now Amy is dating Silver. Sonic sees this as foul play! Shouldn't he and Blaze get a chance huh? There is only one thing to do. Restore memories!!! Wai...

Um. Hi! Special hello to those who it's been 3 years. I dunno if you care about this, and I don't even know if your into the Sonic fandom anymore! But basically my laptop went to crap and then my tiny middle school self forgot about this story. Bet you did too! :D But basically I've gotten into writing again, and I WILL FINISH IT. Within the month too, no goals or anything like that. Figure it's my punishment since I just left without a word. Feel free to get mad! Or stop following. Either way. I'm gonna finish! So yeah. Be excited! Or don't. Your choice. And I'll keep writing after FF is finished too, so that's also a thing. Planning a colab at the moment, so that's also a thing. You're all caught up! Send me  a message if you wanna ask me anything, I'll respond. See ya maybe! <3