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Hello lovely readers! A brief bit about me is that I've written stories ever since I was 13. I enjoy writing novels about young women going through their big life changes.

My novel HALH has got to # 17 on Teen Fiction and # 89 of Romance which is amazing and I am so wowed by the amount of reads HALH has :D Thank you for all your lovely comments and voting on all of my work.

Here is my for you lovely types :) 


Do I make my own covers?
Yes, I make my own covers on picmonkey and use weheartit for pictures.

Will I post my old novels?
Never say never but right now, I am focusing on uploading my new novel Lost Love.

Is that you in your profile picture?
No, I have not and will not post a photo of myself. I am a serial photo changer and frequently change the pictures to keep you on your toes :P 

LL trailer!!

CWE trailer!!

All works copyrighted by Phoebe Gardens © 2014. All Rights Reserved.


Lost Love

Lost Love

30 parts / 130 pages, updated Sep 02, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
They thought their love was infinite, but what if only one of them can remember their past? Imogen Howard has woken up from a head injury suffering from retrograde amnesia. She... read more
310,924 reads votes 7,246 comments 2,262
Christmas With Elijah

Christmas With Elijah

8 parts / 33 pages, updated Dec 22, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
Back in her first term at university, Matilda Embling opened her heart and fell in love with the wrong boy. Elijah Finsbury screwed her over and hardened by that, sh... read more
73,448 reads votes 2,273 comments 494
My Nativity Wife

My Nativity Wife

8 pages, updated Nov 16, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Teagan and Ollie met when they were five years old and cast as Mary and Joseph in their primary school Christmas nativity. They didn’t exactly hit it off well, with both ... read more
9,578 reads votes 303 comments 68
The Halloween Hook Up

The Halloween Hook Up

8 pages, updated Oct 07, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Halloween: the time for pumpkins, costumes and festive hook ups. Mia Winfield is not sure she wants anything to do with any of those Halloween festivities, but when... read more
21,787 reads votes 625 comments 154
Have a Little Hope

Have a Little Hope

General Fiction #283 / Romance #928
32 parts / 125 pages, updated Sep 01, 2012PG-13Completed
When Hope's father suddenly dies, no one can prepare her for the amount of grief she would go through, especially when her grandparents agree to let his organs be used ... read more
1,740,152 reads votes 28,096 comments 4,176
The Best Man & The Bridesmaid

The Best Man & The Bridesmaid

6 pages, updated Apr 21, 2012PG-13Completed
Meet Caleb-the Best Man at his older brother Luke's wedding. Meet Poppy-the Bridesmaid at Luke's wedding, and the girl who Caleb has secretly adored from a... read more
14,531 reads votes 378 comments 91
All For My Valentine

All For My Valentine

6 pages, updated Feb 01, 2012PGCompleted
All Roman wants to do is to make this Valentine’s Day perfect for his girlfriend, Brittney. But when the elements battle against him, will Roman make it back in time ... read more
9,064 reads votes 283 comments 105
Swings and Roundabouts

Swings and Roundabouts

7 pages, updated Jan 12, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
As the saying goes, ‘what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts’. But is the saying still true for Autumn and Dexter where oceans, life and love are k... read more
10,688 reads votes 330 comments 109
Belle's Dreamer

Belle's Dreamer

8 pages, updated Dec 12, 2011PG-13VideoCompleted
A modern version of the love triangle loosely based on Peter, Belle and Wendy from Peter Pan. Belle is the complete opposite to her child like but adorable best friend Pe... read more
10,424 reads votes 350 comments 156
Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

6 pages, updated Jun 05, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Ever since the first time they met, Noah and Summer were incredibly close, but every time Noah tried to be with Summer, there was a reason why she couldn’t. How many times wi... read more
35,522 reads votes 842 comments 380
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My Record Store Romance
2,410,667 reads

Seven Years Ago
3,120 reads

Chasing Jupiter
11,312 reads

Santa's Not Fat
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You definitely need one :P
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@tessa-x you are so welcome and you are wonderful :) xx
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