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Hey! So this is Tyler (Tye, Ty, whatever you want to call me ;) make up a nickname if you want) :D

I am 19 years old, heading onto 20 in 2014 which will of course mean that I'll be halfway to 40 and very old :( but I guess that means I'm growing up (sadly).
I am a great food lover, particularly chocolate! Chocolate is kind of my weakness and my strength... but it's okay because it is completely delicious!

I don't know quite what I should tell you guys now, except I guess tell you again that I am super dooper weird, but somehow people love that about me :3 I really love to read and write, and kind of hope I could be an author but I am probably too lazy for that.

I am a very accident prone person, like quite recently I injured my hand and since then I've hit it on pretty much everything possible!

I have really bad luck when it comes to girls too, hence why I'm still single and have never been on a date :P But I guess I'm just waiting for that special someone to love with all of my heart and soul :3
I am quite lovable and very adorable (so I'm told), but mostly I like being nice and helpful to pretty much anyone and everyone. 

I have quite a lot of great friends on here and not on here, the ones on here are some of the best people I know! And without them I probably would have stopped coming on here long ago. You should (only if you want to) go check them out :) they're the people I'm following on here and some others that I haven't quite gotten around to following yet :P

I would like to thank everyone who is currently following me, and those that may choose to in the future because it really means a lot to me and it makes me really happy, knowing that people like what I write and stuff :D

I will be writing more now that exams are over so expect to see some more pieces up soon :3

Also, if you want to talk to me send me a message on my profile (for now) as my inbox messages won't send :( But go crazy, honestly I don't mind talking to anyone :)


Poetry from Somewhere in There

Poetry from Somewhere in There

10 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 29, 2013G
Just some random poetry that comes from somewhere deep down I guess. It probably means something but eh, who knows!? It'll probably range from things like death to fairies and most likely a lot of boring things! :D
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@foreverandalways1234 You're welcome! :) Just remember that I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to!
Poetry from Somewhere in There

Hey! This is a great piece of writing! I think you've written it wonderfully, and the only thing it needs is a hug :) I think that this is very...
People Change, People Grow.

@BritneyCroaker It is if you're in Australia :P
Convincing Amy

Hey man, I don't want to say I'm sorry, because well that's overused and kind of inappropriate. But I can empathise with you, and share with you...
Kyra Erin

@dark-angel I'm glad you think so! I think it sums it all up quite well. Thankyou (yet again) for your comments and ideas! :) -Ty
Poetry from Somewhere in There