Homeless and savagely beaten, Amy Mair sits waiting in a police interrogation room. She witnessed the murder of a friend and the police want to know more. But what can or will she tell them? When everyone sees the world in a different light, is the way she or society saw him the way he saw himself. Who is right? Will it even matter in the end? © yme123 2012 all rights reserved
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its an intriguing work..congratulations on finishing the book ..looking forward to your next work. .
awesome writing.  some sentences don't make sense, consider having it proof red if you are going to publish it.  great story and suspense
This is hilarious, lol. I've never seen this before (a page of dedications and stuff like that), so it's funny and original (to me at least).
So like, is that the ending?! ;( oh my goodness, I could cry if this book doesn't have some sort of add on! Well. Your book was good. Is this part of a series?
Good story but be sure and have someone proof read it,a lot of misspelled words. I would like to read the ending though.
Lol i checked again and yes i was looking at it wrong. Well can't wait until you finish Perception and look forward to many others. Good luck in your work.

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