Dragon Heir [Book 1] [Watty Award Winner 2012]

There was a time when the mad king of the human world raged war between dragonriders, forcing their own queen and king to seal the portal between both worlds. Now, in a land full of turmoil, one huntress learns of her heritage and ability to solely harness her dragon's powers, giving the opportunity to save both lands. Will she be able to free the citizens from their tyrant leader and save her own people from extinction? Or will she fall prey to those wanting to use her powers for their own greed? *Cover is made by Christina aka Surehuinel from deviantart.com, her work is amazing please check it out http://surehuinel.deviantart.com/
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It sounds that the dragon doesn't have a perfect grasp of English and is filling in the gaps with latin
Awe!! That's so sad! Now I kind of now what it feels like to have a child grow up!! T_T
You have a talent for writing. I mean that. Your story stands out from the crowd on Wattpad, and that is certainly a hard thing to do!
tapaka-ganda ng kwento malaking tulong talaga ang wattpand maraming salamat po sa gumawa ng wattpad THANK YOU
This is in present tense, whereas the rest of the story so far is in past tense. I love it so far!!
I don't think you should be so hard on yourself about the grammatical errors, when I read it I was too involved in the story to care.

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