Diary of a NO-Mantic

"Mandy and I are NO-Mantics- that means that we get really absolutely no attention from the opposite gender. It's not like we're not interested, it's just never really happened..." When Summer finds herself faced with revenge, she can't help but jump at the opportunity. But when things get tricky, this little no-mantic realizes just how harsh love can be!
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i liked the story so much because its realistic and i  haven't read a story like this before VOTED
A story that begins with an email. I honestly don't think I have seen that til now. I love stories from a guys point of view.
This story is good so far... I like Gideon and I could so see a girl writing that kind of stuff in her diary... Very realistic! :)
@smileyface131 love it! it's really good :) can't wait to read more! :)

This is really good(:
A few minor grammar issues, it's not really confusing, & you put a good amount of detail into this(:
The writing was pretty good. I thought you explained fairly well I don't see why everyone is so confused.

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