Well here's a bit about me...
I'm totally in love with Josh Hutcherson <------ can't wait 4 the Hunger Games Movie!!!
I love writing- strangley enough, i prefer writing essays!
I'm an aquarius
Love music- NOT country or screamo, sorry Keith Urban
Favorite Quote- "I can't think of anything worse than being ordinary"
Total hippie :)
Varsity Cross Country
AND I LOVE YOU SO FAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and darling, if you have time PLEASE vote for my chapters, I'd love you forever. Like seriously. And if you EVER want to talk, PLZ MESSEGE ME I'M LIKE THE NICEST PERSON I KNO!!!! hahaha yaaaaaa.... sooooooooo imma go now...
Oh!!! I fan like... everyone... don't judge

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Diary of a NO-Mantic

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Description: "Mandy and I are NO-Mantics- that means that we get really absolutely no attention from the opposite gender. It's not like we're not interested, it's just never really happened..." When Summer finds herself faced with revenge, she can't help but jum...

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