Never Have I Ever

Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than he can carry. Aria immediately dislikes him. But the line between hate and love is very thin, and a continuous game of Never Have I Ever may change everything.
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I only get those tingles when I eat sour candy...and I pray to god that wont be my only encounter....haha im a loser X)
see this is why wattpad is family!!!!  judge-free zone, until you look up from your phone or laptop and BOOM! highschool is staring you in the face :P
Read 3 fanfics already that have red heads with greens eyes and they were all played by Emma Stone(they also were the main characters best friend) lol
Did anyone else think of Latch by Disclosure ft Sam Smith? cause IM LATCHINF ONTO YAH ... No? Okay
Every book I seem to read always start with the main character waking up for school
hey.. is this story deleted? because after the 1st prologue i cant seem to load the next ones. nothing is showing even if i load it a thousand times  :(

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