Choosing My Mate

Rated [R] Riley Burk is the daughter of the Alpha. For years the Alpha could only birth daughters, so an agreement was made that the alpha's beta would birth a male to mate the daughter, but what happens if the beta has twins? who will the fates decide to be the mate of the alpha daughter?
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This pisses me off. I mean, he knows that Riley might be his mate, yet he goes and sleeps with other girls and kisses them right in front of her. I just-ugh!
This is a good story, and I don't mean to offend but It would be lovely if you could edit because it is hard to follow. Good luck with the rest of your story :)
This is a good story, but I am finding it hard to follow with all the mistakes. could you please spend some time editing your work?! Thanks
Yes ...this sounds like a good story    and I would love to read more of your other books you have :-)    I'm excited to read all of this one hear I go :-)
Needs to be edited :) but I'd be happy to if you'd like! :D So far it's  really good.
Please upload I'm still waiting! & it was getting so great!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

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