Psychotic (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter
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"Hey everybody, let's crowd the guy skinned three woman because there isn't a chance he'll do the same to us he's not dangerous at all"
No joke, this book is my favorite of all time. I'm so stuck to this book, and I CANNOT wait for Chaotic to come out in August! Love it! xx
am I the only one who is thinking about pretty little liars? when like mona and spenver were in Radley?
Boo he hella fine I mean he skinned 3
Lady's and he's a god I mean... Pft please
I'm going to take this the Tyler Oakley way and remind my self that one d could probably kill a puppy and I'll still think they're amazing.
you kill harry.
teenagers will kill you, your children, your grandchildren, your whole family....

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