Halloween is SO my thing

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Sarah  Elric By purpleismymiddlename Completed
Jackie Olive Lanturn is your typical Halloween obessed 15 year old. Living with her Father, Jeffery and little sister, Rowan, Jackie doesn't rember a thing about her late mother Sabrina. That was until Jackie and her best friend Willa find a different world called Trickem through a pumpkin portal. Jackie discovers 2 huge secrets- She, her mother and sister are witches and  an evil warlock named Romolous is out to get her and Halloween if she can't restore the sacred spell book in time. Jackie, Willa and Rowan alongside Trickem residents, vampire and protector Quint Suckerman and werewolf prankster Seth De Lune, adventure into Trickem to discover secrets about themselves and save their home town.
I read this like 2 months ago and now I am reading it again. Fantastic story!
@purpleismymiddlename what did you use to make the cover for this?
Hello. I would just like to say...your book is right up my ally. Down here, hot summer in Alabama, I wish it was Halloween. And I love witches. So, keep on writing!
Wow!  excellent piece, what an excellent story begging to be built upon
hi sad but great way to start your story, make me what to read on
Oh, mysterious cute guy AND a werewolf all rolled up into one chapter...awesome job :D VOTED!