Loved, Left, Lost, and Loved Again

Edward leaves bella again...but he didnt know she was....pregnant. So, 30 years later what will happen when Bella and her child come across Edward and the Cullens. Well, it isn't anything too pleasant as she battles to figure out just who she can really trust.
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I wish her name was Renesmee. It fit so perfectly in the books... but Arabella is nice too
@moonlightwolf they planed on making her a vampire so they left that part out of vows so that's what happened
wow for once I feel kinda bad for bella...this is definitely interesting and I'll continue reading :) it's kept my attention which is hard to do lol great job
Im happy Alice cant seem to see.Edward deserves no part of this.Coward.I realy like the Denalis being a part of this.
wow edward is mean i think she should never forgive him is she going to ask jacob to help her take care of her?
Awww cute! did u take it from the user Arabella?? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT NAME!!!!! UPLOAD ASAP!!!!!!!!!

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