"My Alpha Mate"

Alyson life was like any other girls until she turned sixteen. When she becomes a werewolf her mother no longer feels the love for her that she did before. When Alyson is forced to move during her Senior year of high school she thinks her life is over. Then she meets Eric Mancent the Alpha of the redwood pack who also is her mate, at first eric seems HOT, nice, and everything Alyson could dream of but she is determined not to fall in love with him. Can Alyson resist Eric much longer or will she be forced into a controlling relationship that she does not want?
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Am I the only person who had a soap that smelled so delicious and was tempted to eat it
Who cares about sleepovers and boyfriends...  ID DIE without sports. Jesus. Have mercy on your soul
Anybody thought of Mulan singing "Reflection"? Haha no? Just me? Okay #disneynerd
Mother logic: well im a werewolf my husbands a werewolf and we are going to have a kid who is normal and NOT be a werewolf cause f u c k genetics
I'm surprised about everything else except the boyfriend part most parents don't allow their kids to have a bf or gf
her momma need to back the fück up before she gets slapped the fück up. NiggaBïtch.

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