Alyson life was like any other girls until she turned sixteen. When she becomes a werewolf her mother no longer feels the love for her that she did before. When Alyson is forced to move during her Senior year of high school she thinks her life is over. Then she meets Eric Mancent the Alpha of the redwood pack who also is her mate, at first eric seems HOT, nice, and everything Alyson could dream of but she is determined not to fall in love with him. Can Alyson resist Eric much longer or will she be forced into a controlling relationship that she does not want?
Your eyelashes are the same color as your hair in most cases, unless they've dyed it. It's weird but blonde people do have blonde eyelashes, most use mascara though .
Is he almost to gay to function?? AHAH MEAN GIRLS REFERENCE *high fives self*
What did this dumb àss mother of hers expect when her husband and her (who are both werewolves!) did the nasties like wtf
In my life I probably got only 2 or 3 zits and I'm almost 15
B!tch you are a werewolf and so is your husband y'all have a kid d*mn straight it's gonna be a wolf u should be mad if it wasn't but like stop tripping if you ain't human don't expect no better
I can already see the problem. WHY R U IN A DARK FOREST (sponge bob comes in) at night!