Undone [Completed]

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iswearidontbite By iswearidontbite Completed
Almost a year later, much has changed. Max's life is spinning out of control - slowly coming undone. And even though an old friendship is starting to rekindle, it isn't the only thing that's returning from the past...
I like the little twist at the end.. I really didn't expect him to say anything yet..lovely
Wow, great start.  Nice hook with Max (no pun intended).  A few grammatical errors, but nothing to distracting.  Thanks! :)
                                    I guessed that his injuries would be bad, considering what damage fire can and has done, but I never expected the prosthetic arm. Poor Max :'(
                                    But at least he's making some progress if he finally spoke after a year of silence.
                                    Oh, and my belated happy birthday wishes to Nick.
Great prologue. I don't have time to continue reading this, but I'm definitely adding this to my 'Read Later' list!
Um so I really loved this chapter and I just really think you're such a brilliant writer and even though it's like 3:30 AM at the moment, I'm so tempted to continue reading on :)
Hah, couldn't go on any further, need a break... I been crying like hell--I think I'm gonna run a cold. Man, you're so good.