Abuse,Sex,and Lies(A Mindless Behavior love story)

This is a story in which a girl named Lyric gets bullied by her used to best friends,and she doesn't know why they hurt her.Craig,Chresanto,Jacob,and Ray bully her,mostly sexually.Mostly Craig,though.Find out what happened when they were best friends;and learn how they slowly fix their friendships-or maybe even more than that.
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lawd to be true I would lay on the ground and play dead till someone sees and put his ass in jail or beat him up
I would have let him get a little bit comfortable and pin him down on the lockers and beat him up
The diffrence between me and her, well, with her he's still living, if it had been me his ass woulda be dead.
This is hilarious because my name is Lyric, I'm 15, and I have the same attitude as her.
@XxmindlesschickxX I would have killed him forget slapping him like said he would have needed medical attention ASAP after I get done with him
Man if that was me he slapped he would have medical attention ASAP or either start to run and hide somewhere I wouldn't be able to find him lol !!!!!

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