Worse Than Prison

[ON HOLD] In a world overrun by cannibalistic monsters, Jared Kerns can only find little salvation as he's thrown into Alastair Blair's Prison on the outer edge of former New York City. Just when he thinks he's found some safety, he's introduced to his new cellmate and Alastair Blair's youngest inmate, Silence. A fourteen-year-old boy infected with the deadly cannibal virus. But, it seems Silence has more humanity than most people would like to think and Jared is the only one who can help Silence cling to that humanity as they work together to break out of Alastair Blair's Prison with several other inmates.
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dare I may propose, a justice system, if we have one, if is a big word, would not allow a cannibal to have cell mate.
I was just thinking, "Oh I can't wait 'till Skull gets his arse kicked for punching Jared!"
"Or else the teenager would eat him." I don't know why, but that made me laugh  ;P Really like this story so far :D ~On to the next chapter'
This is really intense and fierce. It's different and the story plot and characters so far are amazing. I really really like it.
Even thought Silence might be psychopathic murderer, i can't help but fine him cute....

....I'm sick aren't i....OH WELL! :D

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