The Lost Ways Of Hope And Faith: Sisters

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Hope_and_Faith333 By Hope_and_Faith333 Updated 2 years ago
There is a legend about sisters that can save the world. Three elements of power, Hope, Faith, and Magic. The names of the sisters are unknown...
    Three sisters race against time to save the last of their kind, special witches that are needed for the world to survive. All three sisters different, but they are the key to everything that represents hope & faith.
That was a really intriguing prologue. Definitely grabbed my attention! I like this so far :) Even though you said that it is going to be changing a little, I still think that it is going to be pretty awesome. Nice job :)
This was very suspenseful at some points, and I really enjoyed reading it because of the thoughts, details, and descriptions. I think this is very good so far, and it really interests me. :) I really think this is a creative idea that I haven't seen before, which makes it enjoyable to read. :)