Late Summer Rain

It was pity that first made Dannie speak to him. She had known Ryan since she was a kid, but he had always been the popular Golden Boy, and she had always been the tomboy that didn’t mind not having any friends. It was odd, she had thought, that all the popular kids who had once kissed the ground he walked on, didn’t so much spared him a glance anymore, and it was this that made her sit with him that one faithful day and begin something that would only end up causing her pain.
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I'm a tomboy & a girly girl . I play video games , I love playing in mud & getting dirty ... (; but I also like to get a lil dressed up now & then .
So did I! I couldn't help but imagine the face Dannie made when she made out what Number 10 was supposed to be.
i like itt i like dannie we have nothing in common but she could be like my bestfriend
I read this story AGES ago and I loved it, saddest story ever. I can't wait to reread it!
@ilovesmurfsforever17 Not funny at all cause he is indeed going to die :''''''''(
Well let me just prepare my tear ducts as I read on this book.. I feel as if another Augustus Waters moment will pop up anytime soon

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