Home Run (Rewriting)

Luke Ashton and Jayden Cole are trained players with experience, they have 4 easy steps into getting any girls they want and their plans never fail. Base one - Smile at her to show you're interested Base two - Engage in small talk and make her laugh Base three - Get closer and kiss her Home run - Sex However Sophie Carter has had enough experience to spot a player from miles away. Sophie and her bestfriend Emily Archer have 3 simple rules before a player is turned down: Too complimentary - Strike one Getting too close - Strike two Trying to kiss you - Strike three and your out! So what happens when Sophie Carter rejects Luke who has never been turned down?
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Another great chapter, really like your sense of humour! Hope you update soon :) x
I'm loving the storyline its really different and the different personalities work really well together and bring comedy to the story x

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