Just My Cat and I Tonight

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hannahbags By hannahbags Updated 25 days ago
Claire Brooks is twenty-four and working as a columnist in a major newspaper. Claire always thought that romance best to be left to books. But when she is invited to go to London along with a team of other employees from the newspapper, she will soon discover that when it comes to romance it's no fairytale.
retroFunk retroFunk 3 years ago
You basically just explained my life, in one sentence.
That being the title.
TheSynonymOfaLady TheSynonymOfaLady 3 years ago
I love the way  you described Claire's day with every detail, I wouldn't have placed so many 'I' but really loved the beginning :) Job Well Done x
pam pam 3 years ago
Really cute cover! And the title is definitely eye-catching - it made me click on your story from the Home Page. I suggest fixing the story description a bit: it should be "employees" ('s is for possessive nouns) and "newspapers" (you have an extra 'p').
Muahahaxoxo Muahahaxoxo 4 years ago
This story was on the 'recommended' column on the right side of my page and I'm kind of glad I clicked it, because I liked the story!!
Keep writing! :D
Lasday Lasday 4 years ago
Hahahaha, love the title, can't wait to see how the story develops!
kelliekook kelliekook 4 years ago
Yes, finally, you've had me waiting for this for months!!
Can't wait for your next upload!!! :D