All We Leave Behind

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DavidBaird By DavidBaird Updated a year ago
Thirty-seven-year-old John Morgan's personal life is already in disarray when he receives a phone call that his brother and niece are dead. His relationship with his father is nearly nonexistent, he barely speaks to his sister, and he has no real friends to lean on. As the tragic news slowly begins to sink in, John realizes he is floating aimlessly in the middle of an unpredictable sea of emotions with no one to rescue him.

In this compelling tale that movingly illustrates the devastating effects of a dysfunctional family, John must learn to change what he can, accept what he cannot, and make the difficult decision to leave some things behind.

 I'm excitedly working on a second novel.

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human626 human626 8 days ago
Time itself doesnt heal, it puts distance between the event/wound and the here and now, it allows space, but time itself doesnt heal, the heart, the mind, the spirit does that xx
deepakhanapurkar deepakhanapurkar a month ago
How true... When no one is left to remember, the moment ceases to exist, it just slips away.
pu20977 pu20977 a month ago
very touching ! love reading the book.
 sad that there are such parents who choose not to love their kids.
MinkaBinka MinkaBinka 2 months ago
I love how you write with such fluidity. Adding this to my library!! :)
hylonxm hylonxm 2 months ago
Mmm.. I am reading David Baired for the first time. I am glad, his writing has suspense. Despite my headache i am unable to keep myself from reading this story. Haha just saying..some more,some more.. inside me.
john could've easily misunderstood franks love for something else and could've been jealous of his older sibling, does anyone understand me ??