Death at Hogwarts - A Harry Potter fanfiction

Humans know them as the 'Deathly Hallows' I know them as mine. I am the Grim Reaper, and I'm taking back what belongs to me.
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I love Harry Potter, but most fan fictions just aren't worth it. Good thing this one is!
THIS IDEA IS GENUINE. I love how the Revenge theme of the story goes around at Death and the Hallows. This is amazing. :D
I love your stories! Your writing style is amazing. Ever thought of publishing something? :)
Wow and Wow! Your are awesome! Your writing is incrediable! Just wow! The story is so bloody great!
ohhh this seems like it's going to be an amazing story! voted and adding to my library to read more when i have a chance :D
I like where this is going. :D Honestly Jay, you are wonderful. Crossing over my two favourite stories? Brilliant. Just brilliant. Hope to see more. :DD

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