Trapped in School (Watty Awards 2012 Nominee)

Natalie and Lucas have hated each other for as long as they can remember. She's an uptight perfectionist. He's a sarcastic shut-in. But when the two get trapped in Harrison High School during the biggest snow storm of the season, they are forced to work together. How will they cope?
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This is weird, this is very weird how can I reeeeeeallly like this, it's only the first chapter!
The anime references got me hooked. Holy crap. Major Feelsplosion. OHSHC is the best.
i love how this has anime things in it and AHHH OURAN MY FAV!!!!!! <333333 =^ * ^=
just found your story.. love it instantly esp. when you mentioned Black Butler, Death Note and Ouran.Y all-time favorite animes <3333 Sebby!! *_*
man, AWSOME!!!! and the fact that you watch anime just adds up sooo basically u r beyond awsome!!
Death Note watch??? It's the first time I've found a story with anime references...

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