Cute Guys And Their Lies

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(Used to be called: A Player's Gonna Play)
Ava's view on love is.. well, to put it in simple terms, screwed. It's not like she's shut herself off from the world, it's just that she wants everything while wanting nothing. She's never really satisfied with herself and those around her. 
She’s called a slut, she’s called a rapist, and she’s called a cheater. 
Honestly, she isn’t.
She’s a nice girl with good intentions.
She just doesn’t have the power to say “No” and mean it.  She’s weak willed.
Follow Ava as she comes to this realization. As she learns the real truth about herself. As she battles her inner demon. 
A real whore will never admit it to herself. Can Ava?
Throw in fights, gossip, mean girls, parties, drinking, and hormonal teenagers and maybe she might. 
But who really knows?
Throughout this book Ava learns her true self. But in the end it might not be enough to save her life. Literally.
The lies of the cute guys around her could kill her. And of course, nobody knows that Ava’s life is at risk.
volleyballandbooks volleyballandbooks 8 months ago
haha I have a story 'twins.' and their names are Ava and Aiden
Delia_Stylinson Delia_Stylinson a year ago
41% through the story says she put mouse in her hair instead of mousse I believe it is spelled. I know its not mouse though.
JusAWhisper JusAWhisper a year ago
OMG the last the u updated was on my birthday EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
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Im new any good books to read(: i like lovestories, fan fiction and all that stuff
carriebeary carriebeary 3 years ago
such an amazing story!! i loved it!!! i read the whole thing 2 times! please update or make the 2nd one!!
Lizzy151 Lizzy151 4 years ago
@cutecake that makes more sense if you add that lol. Your welcome :D