The Book of Random

RANDOMNESS, YET INTERESTING FACTS :) :) You, my friend is about to enter the Book of Random, literally. This book is full of the most randomest, yet interesting information you will ever find. I hope you will enjoy it as much as my friends did!!! Thanks for reading
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I think the author should try putting random funny shiz instead of random infomation shiz
I enjoyed reading random facts.  Unique.  How factual it was?   I dunno or care.  Funny stuff
It was really good but I think you can improve by not only talking about celebrities you should talk about animals and stuff  like that too
This is so cool how you know so much information about celebrity's just love part 1
im still up at 3:37 AM still reading allone direction stuff
even tho this isennt one LOL :)
this is sooooo cool, lol, i luv,could you read mine? 48 hours on earth, even if you dont like it, pointers are welcome!

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