The Book of Random

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cece23 By cece23 Updated a year ago
RANDOMNESS, YET INTERESTING FACTS :) :) You, my friend is about to enter the Book of Random, literally. This book is full of the most randomest, yet interesting information you will ever find. I hope you will enjoy it as much as my friends did!!! Thanks for reading
McKenna_De_Wolf McKenna_De_Wolf 9 months ago
I think the author should try putting random funny shiz instead of random infomation shiz
Gummy_Bear200 Gummy_Bear200 10 months ago
Me and rob Lowe have the same thing except I was born with it
someone136 someone136 2 years ago
These are some pretty awesome facts you got here. I love it!
valleyofthed0lls valleyofthed0lls 2 years ago
These r really gr8! Some very interesting facts in here! :P Awesome! :D
hachiko12345 hachiko12345 2 years ago
hey.... this is getting suspicious, my friend PearlPHILZ also wrote something called Random Facts-and she used the same intro:Random facts that you don't need to know but it's interesting anyway.
Millilitre Millilitre 2 years ago
I just recently wrote something similar to this! It's called "Random Facts You Didn't Need To Know"... *blatantly advertises work*
Anyway, yours is really funny! I had NO idea Beyonce was allergic to perfume... O.O Doesn't she have her own line???