Persuade Me (Student/Teacher Relationship)

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Erin By Erin Updated 2 years ago
'Standing up I looked straight at Professor Garrett, smirking evilly. "Hi, my name's Christy Evans and I'm an English major. Let's see," I said tapping my chin in concentration, all the while trying not to laugh out loud, "I'm the leader of a group of intergalactic beings who are here to terminate all those who are deemed too conceited for the good of civilization," pausing I gave Professor Garrett a pointed look of my own, "I live on planet screw you, and I'm allergic to bullshit."
Smirking and feeling very satisfied with myself, I waited for Professor Garretts next move. '

-When Christy finds her long term boyfriend isn't who she thought he was, what will she do?  She's about to begin college-the same one he chose to go to as well.  With the help of her best friends and a new forbidden love interest, can she be persuaded to let go and love again?
This reminds me of a scene from the movie Love, Rosie. She punched the dude!! This is great!
Lol me to but i don't hate him.... Yet and I do also have a feeling he going to mess up
do u ever wonder why clichés ARE clichés?  coz they work and are friking ADORABLE!!!<3
i know what's gonna happen so i already developed hatred towards him xD
I stepped on a rock and my foot actually bled and now it is bruised
Wait, what about your shoes? I would run back and pick them up then run away